3D / Video / Animation

Interactive Presentations

We specialize in creating videos that will help you advertise your company or your products. Just give us your requirement and we’ll develop the script and flow. We can also edit your existing assets whether it’s video, photo or copy.


Our animations can be fun, serious or both. It really depends on what you require. We can render the characters for you or we can use any of your existing photos/videos. By adding animations to your photos/videos, we create a memorable experience for your users. Your brand will have a lasting impact which can help you boost sales or just increase visibility.

3D Rendering

We can render anything from buildings, robots, cars, sceneries, floor plans, product items. Just send us your requirements and we’ll do the rest.

Basic Video Editing

  • Audio-Visual Presentations
  • For quick video editing
  • Video mashups
  • Video cleanups / optimization
  • Powerpoint Animations

Commercials / Storytelling

$599 and up
  • 10-sec, 20-sec, 30-sec teasers
  • Audio Overlay
  • 3D Animations
  • Vector animations / cartoons
  • Video editing

3D Rendering

$$199 and up
  • Real estate properties
  • Model houses
  • Characters / Cartoons
  • Machines
  • Floor Plans

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